Great Weight Experiment: Fail

So about the Great Weight Experiment. I had been doing fine, but I guess my body realized I was eating more, and was like "Hey! Let's hang on to this stuff!" because I gained 2 pounds last week. Ah well, time to get back onto the wagon...

The only question is, which wagon to get back on? I could either go back to tracking food and points (which I was getting a teensy bit sick of, so this time off will either renew my abilities or it will have totally broken my habit) or I could get back to exercising…

I started doing Power 90 in September (not P90x, that's waaaay too crazy for me) but three weeks in I got sick, and never really get back to it. Probably the biggest reason why I didn't get back to it (besides the 7am thing, uck) was that I didn't lose weight at all when I was exercising. I didn't lose inches, either… in fact, my waist went up by 1/4 inch! My best guess is that even though I was usually eating my exercise points, my body still didn't think I was getting enough calories for my activity level.

I think I'm going to try to start exercising. Maybe if I'm exercising but not restricting calories, I will still lose weight (and, as Husband pointed out, exercising has more than just appearance-based benefits). I planned on exercising this morning… I set the alarm for 7:10 am, and told Husband that he had to kick my butt out of bed when my alarm went off. Unfortunately, I hit snooze and he sleeps like the dead, so I didn't get out of bed till 8:10.

I wish it was easier for me to exercise in the evenings… Monkey goes to bed around 7, 7:30 so I have plenty of time after he goes to bed… But then I would have to exercise with Husband watching (not a total downer, but it's kinda awkward to be jumping around with someone else in the room who is just on the computer or whatnot) and shower in the evening… I don't particularly like showering in the evening, because I don't dry my hair (don't own a blow-drier) so with my super-short haircut I'll wake up the next day with SUPER funky hair.

Self-ultimatum: If I don't exercise 6 out of 7 days between today and next Tuesday, I will have to count points. Over the holidays. If that's not motivation enough to figure out this exercise thing, I don't know what is!

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