What They Don't Tell You About Your Baby-Incubator

Ok, so this post may end up a bit personal, a little TMI, with a dash of why-the-crud-are-you-talking-about-this on the side… but I am seriously having some coping issues, and so I assume other women are too!

Let me start with the few things I did know would happen to my body after carrying a child.

  • Your body will never be shaped the same way again. Hips from carrying, breasts from nursing, feet from each thundering step you took during the last trimester, saggy stomach skin from becoming as large as a whale in the midsection.
  • Stretch marks. That one wasn't hard…
  • Your cycle may take a while to restart, and with it does, it may have changed a bit… longer, shorter, heavier, lighter… You get the picture.

Which brings me to the change I didn't anticipate: I have craaaazy PMS. I have never had PMS symptoms… no cramping, no tenderness, maybe a tad bloaty a few times a year, no bring-on-the-white-huggy-jacket mood swings, et cetera, et cetera. I had no warning that Shark Week was imminent— but that wasn't too bad because I would spot for a day, light-to-medium bleeding for 2-3 days, and then I'm good again for another month and a half or so (It's ok, you can hate me).

But now… Rahh, I don't know how Husband can handle it! It was almost a year before Shark Week made it's reappearance, but the three months since have been hard on me… Not too bad on the physical symptoms (the "tenderness" has prompted a few pregnancy tests, because that was my only early symptom with Monkey, but my 2-3 days is down to 1-3 days) but my emotional controls checks out for about 10 days before. I get frustrated at wicked kitties and screeching Monkey really quickly, and I get completely weepy and break-down-y with the smallest things. Looks like I'm a Sissy after having given birth… It was seriously so bad last month that I thought I was having post-post-post-partum depression, with Monkey at 13 months old!

Anyway... Time to get rid of my kitty-filled lap and get back into the Thanksgiving pie-making trenches!

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I'm a working, crafting, loving, baking, home improving Mamma, trying to make my corner of the world better. I also happen to write a lot about my little boy, because I think he's fantastically hilarious!


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