Black Friday Timeline Semi-Live-Blog-Thingadoo

Well. I decided last week that I am going to embark on my first ever Black Friday shopping trip! Here's the problem… I don't like mornings. Or cold. At all. I've got somewhat of a plan for dealing with this… Originally, I was going on my own, but when my sister-in-law, J, heard about the sale on shoes, she decided she was coming! (Note: J really isn't obsessed with shoes, like it sounds… she hasn't bought winter boots in 3 or 4 years, so she needs a pair.) I need to hit the shoe aisles, too, because I need a pair of shoes for another SIL, A's, wedding next Saturday.

I've never been Black Friday shopping in the past, mainly because I never found any good deals on things I needed that weren't across town from each other. This year, the stars aligned, and there are 4 or 5 things at Kmart that I'm deeply interested in: a small, red speaker dock for my iPod in the kitchen for $30, men's sweaters/shirts/etc as gifts for 60% off, a couple gift sets, and 88 cent Christmas socks. Yes, that's right, 88 cent Christmas socks… And I will be buying a LOT of them. for myself, as stocking stuffers… It's basically a dream come true for me.

Anyway, back to the plan. And the timeline semi-live-blog-thingadoo. (It is semi-live because I'm halfway through my Plan, and I won't be updating from the line or anything)


8-9 pm: Feel really exhausted from cooking and eating and entertaining and cleaning (right alongside Husband, so that was nice). Watch Youtube videos and catch up on comments from yousuckatcraigslist for a while.

9-10 pm: Head to bed and read the rest of my suburban-housewife-demon-hunter book. Think about when I will return the series to the library. Beast-kitten comes to visit and settles for a sleep next to my leg. Wonder when she'll write another book. Set alarm for 2 am.

10 pm-2 am: Sleep very fitfully/lightly, out of fear that I won't get up again until late morning. Only know that I actually slept because I remember dreams—but they weren't even deep dreams, because the dreams were relatively realistic… Except for Matt Smith, but, you know!

2-3 am: Husband "wakes" me up one minute before my alarm went off to go to bed. Wander around the house for a bit, pleased at noticing that another load has been run through the dishwasher. Empty dishwasher. Take off the tablecloth, but notice that J's laundry is still in the washer. Sit down to write blog post. Freak out when I accidentally unplug laptop for half a millisecond, but Firefox miraculously saved the post. Rejoice.

3-4am: Mix caffeine beverage (I have these delicious water bottle mix-ins that have 160 mg of caffeine and 5 calories… Yum…). Put tablecloth in washer. Take a road trip to Kmart (5 minutes from my house…) to check out lines. Feel giddy/hyper from so much caffeine on an empty stomach at 3:30 am. Finish emptying dishwasher. Terrify J with Monkey's birth story. Uncheck "Is draft" and hit "Save" on timeline semi-live-blog-thingadoo. Make hot chocolate and head to Kmart at 3:55 am (store opens at 5 am, but we're not getting big-ticket items).

4:10-5 am: Get in line, drink cocoa, freeze, jump up and down to get toes warm, talk too fast because the caffeine was WAY effective, entertain people nearby.

5-6:10 am: Dash back to Electronics to get the only two red iHome thingies. Speed to shoes to get adorable heels for A's wedding next week. Wander leisurely around the store, picking up gift for Brother, black shoes I've been desperately needing, snow bib for Monkey, eight million Christmas socks for self and stocking stuffers, and Christmas lights for the outside of the house at 50% off.

6:10-7 am: Trade off standing in line with J, because I realized I got the wrong size sweater for Brother and she wanted to look at toys for Monkey. Pay, drop off J at her apartment, come home. Write more blog post. Have mini-freak-out about bank account balances, but then realize that both cars have enough gas to make it to the next payday, so we'll be good. Need to price-match a dress a bought a couple days ago at Penney's, but their doorbuster sale is until 1 pm, so I can go back to sleep until 11:30 or so. Do so.

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