Better Out Than In, I Always Say!

Well, yesterday Monkey was 18 months old, also known (probably just to me) as "You've been out of me twice as long as you've been in me!" Of course, I only remembered the date as Husband and I were getting ready for bed, and then we spent a couple minutes discussing whether we were 10% or 12% of the way to 18 and an adult.

Just one year ago, he was just getting his first taste of vegetables—carrots, if you're wondering what the orange all over him is!

I did a slideshow of one picture a month for his birthday (hum, I could have sworn I blogged that…) so for the big One Point Five, here's a picture per month to see how far he's come:








If you'll forgive a mother's indulgence a little bit longer…

  • Monkey is 25.6 pounds (about 50th percentile) and 33.5 inches tall (about 80th percentile—I knew I wasn't imagining it!).

  • He likes eating most anything (he even asks for the pickled ginger and wasabi at sushi restaurants!), though sometimes he's finicky—I think it's more emotional finickyness than not actually wanting to eat whatever it is.

  • He walks, almost runs, and can climb just about anything.

  • We haven't counted recently, but my best guess is that his vocabulary exceeds 200 words. I told his pediatrician (actually a long-time family friend, funny story) that he seems to have entered the Terrible One-And-A-Halfs, and he said that since his vocabulary is that of a two year old, it's no wonder! He signs "please" and "milk" still, occasionally, but I think that's because A, he wants to double the power of the please; and B, his "gulck" isn't always recognizable as "milk."

  • His emotions turn on a dime. In fact, if there was a coin smaller than a dime, I'd say his emotions turned on that. Seriously. happy, giggly child one second, and then screaming banshee the next! Usually, that means Mr. Stinky Crabby Pants needs a nap, but sometimes he refuses and is just cranky.

  • We're cautiously entering potty training. I bought him two potties, one for Sarah's house and one for here, and he's definitely interested in sitting on it as often as we'll let him be pantsless (usually in the middle of diaper changes). Sarah is much braver, and lets him wander around pantsless for longer periods of time—and he has learned that when he pees on the floor, it's something to clean up, and it's not something grown-ups do. Even though he's never gotten in trouble for peeing on the floor, he still gets upset sometimes when he does. We haven't gotten him to go in the potty yet, but it feels like it could be right around the corner. And no, we're not pushing it… Just letting him figure it out on his own, and he's pretty clever!

  • His current favorite toy is the drum set from Rock Band. So stinkin cute! (Until he throws the drumsticks on the floor because he's tired and cranky, and then Mamma takes them away because he threw them.)

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I'm a working, crafting, loving, baking, home improving Mamma, trying to make my corner of the world better. I also happen to write a lot about my little boy, because I think he's fantastically hilarious!


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