Productive Saturday FTW

So today I didn't get terribly movingable until about about noon, but we actually got a good amount of stuff done. In addition to roombaing the front room and part of the kitchen (more on that in a bit), Husband pulled out his birthday present (an air nail gun) and fixed our step-down thing (the tile in the kitchen is about half an inch higher than the wood in the front room) and things like that, I helped Sarah run some errands (it's terribly difficult to run errands when you're almost in your third trimester, ya know) and got my hair cut and dyed. It's a whole heckofalot shorter than I've had it cut before… but hopefully it'll be ok and I don't look quite as butch as I originally thought.

In other news, I've noticed that I haven't quite had productive-type posts. As in, anything that other people would be interested in reading, haha. Besides getting caught up on housework, there really hasn't been too much going on at casa de Eclectic. I've met my exercise goal so far this week (oddly enough, it got easier as the week went on… imagine that!). I'm fairly certain my weight is still within a pound of where it's been the last few weeks. We've been relatively on track with our menu plan—as Husband put it, it's more of a menu guideline than a rule. Monkey decided today, after about an hour of cowering on my lap, that the Roomba isn't quite as terrifying as he initially thought… He was standing in the middle of the floor and even letting it hit his feet! The big news will be if he continues that bravery… So, it doesn't sound from the list that my Saturday was productive, especially because I don't have any pretty/cute pictures, but I promise it was!

Oh, yeah, and our washer doesn't spin-cycle anymore, and that kinda sucks. Guess we'll be finding a repairman on Monday or so! Cuz, uh, my laundry piles are desperate.

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I'm a working, crafting, loving, baking, home improving Mamma, trying to make my corner of the world better. I also happen to write a lot about my little boy, because I think he's fantastically hilarious!


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