Root Canal Vignettes

I've had somewhat of a fear of dentists for a little over a year now… so you know this whole "root canal" thing wasn't going to be fun! Last time I had oral surgery, they gave me the lovely oral sedation pills, but since my insurance doesn't cover it, I had to do without.

I wasn't doing too bad until right before I left work, and I decided to Google and find out what a root canal actually entails... Yeesh, bad idea! I was starting to hyperventilate even before I got to the dentist, which sucked.

Luckily, I had some Xanax left over from March (I was having anxiety attacks related to my miscarriage, so the PA was nice enough to prescribe some for me) so I took one in the waiting room. (I don't trust myself to drive on Xanax, so I had a friend pick me up after) Even with that, I was still anxious, so I got laughing gas, and the dental assistant started Seinfeld on the TV above the chair.

Xanax + laughing gas + Seinfeld = Interesting times, haha.

Once the nitrous hit my system, I was pretty calm—thank goodness! The only panicky part of the procedure was when the dental assistant put the giant rubber sheet in my mouth to protect the tooth while the dentist was working on it… I knew to expect that from the panic-inducing reading I did an hour earlier, but I didn't know it was going to be so big, or that I'd feel like I was suffocating! At least the suffocating part was all in my head—I was pretty good for the most part.

I haven't been in too much pain from the root canal… Sometimes I feel like I've got a bruise, but as long as I take pain meds as soon as I start hurting, I'm good. I think I hurt less than I did before the actual procedure!

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