Monkey's First Urgent Care Trip

We have a couple of these food storage buckets sitting in our kitchen, waiting to be washed and refilled with various glutenous product:

I was cleaning the stove, and Monkey was playing with the bucket lid behind me, so I asked him to put the lid back in the bucket. I heard a "clunk clunk clunk", like he was trying to shove the lid in the bucket the wrong way, so I just let him trying to figure it out himself. After a moment, though, there was a "slippaclunakacrashaSCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAM!" and I turned around to see Monkey had fallen into the bucket arms first, with his face squished up against the side! I didn't immediately rush over to help him out, because I thought he could get out himself, but then something about the tone of his cry… Parents and caretakers will know what I mean… So I go over (the three steps) and helped him out of the bucket… and his mouth was covered in blood!

Now, I know that head and mouth injuries bleed more than their severity would indicate, but I yelled out to Husband to meet me in the kitchen ASAP so he could hand me wet paper towels while I cradled and wiped Monkey's mouth and face, the poor kid. I think we ended up going through 8-10 paper towels before the bleeding finally stopped, and then we gave him a dose of infant ibuprofen for the pain and potential swelling. Poor boy was still screaming/crying, though…

Since the bleeding had stopped, we decided to have dinner and then decide what to do. Monkey didn't eat well, and was much more irritable than the time accounted for, so I examined his mouth again… And low and behold, there was a flap of flesh where he was bleeding from! He tore his upper labial frenulum straight through (and the only pictures I can find are gross, so you'll have to imagine it, but the frenulum is that bit of skin that pulls between the inside of the lip and your gums. You may also remember that I had a lower lingual frenectomy back in January…). I couldn't find any suggestions in my decade-and-a-half-old Taking Care of Your Child book, so we decided to take him to the Urgent Care center a few miles away.

Long story short(er), the nurse came in and looked at Monkey, and told us that it was a normal childhood injury, and they would refund our copay because we didn't have to see the doctor. AND Monkey got three train stickers! I felt silly after that, because I feel like I should have known better… But look at his poor little face! Most of the black and blue on his face is not, in fact, blueberries…

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