Uhm, Right, So...

So I've been sucking at actually writing things. I didn't even post my meal plan this week, because I didn't even MAKE it until Tuesday night… and then I've had a hard time sticking to it because NOTHING sounds tasty. Bleh. I've also been pretty busy at work with a project that actually takes time and actually has a deadline! Anyways, here's my state-of-the-household.

I am: Recovering. I had oral surgery last week, so that was a lot of fun, and then I've just been busy/tired/etc. Shame on me for going to bed early when I have an average of 10 views a day of people to amuse! As far as the actual recovery goes, I'm mostly pain-free (except when Monkey kicks my jaw—Ouch!) (and except for when the dental plastic band-aid thing got sharp and cut up the inside of my lip—Double ouch!). I've actually been so busy/tired that I haven't been keeping up with my favorite website… tragedy! I'm detoxing from caffeine, as well… I have those fantastical caffeine water bottle mix-ins, but they're 160 mg of caffeine per(!) so for the past two weeks I've been drinking half a bottle a day, and now I've switched to a 40 mg mix-in. No headaches yet!

Husband is: Also detoxing from caffeine. He's taking it harder, because he's going cold turkey… but I think he's almost out of the woods. He said he had a lot more energy yesterday… He even had enough energy to make macaroni and cheese for dinner, and THEN fold some laundry! Woohoo! (Of course, he bargained the laundry for me taking care of the grossest kitchen-dish I've ever seen or smelled… Remind me to line the pan with foil the next time I want to make enchiladas! And the chore bargaining? That's just how we roll around here.)

Monkey is: A chatterbox! He's got this babble going on that sounds almost German, which is kinda cool. My rough guesstimate is that he's got about 50 words/signs he can use to communicate. His current favorite is "Babies? Baby?" when he wants to see babies on my laptop, phone, or on the TV. Thank goodness for youtube through our Blu-Ray player, we can just do a search for "laughing baby" or "silly toddler" and he's amused for whole minutes! He can also communicate "down" (or "dow") for when he wants down from a lap, highchair, or when he wants to walk instead of being carried. Also, Sarah has taken him to a couple story-times at the library, and he LOVES it!

The cats are: Friends again. Last Monday, Roy got neutered… and we don't know if it was the pain medication or the smelling of vet, but both cats were alternating between sniffing, cuddling, and hissing/growling/swiping at each other. We were not anticipating that! We even had to keep them separated the first few nights, because we weren't sure what would happen while we were sleeping… But Roy recovered pretty quickly, and he's back to dashing around the house, cuddling Patrick, and getting all up in my face when I'm trying to read or play on my laptop.

The house is: Ughghghshghshghgshhsfjgsdghshghg. Uhm… It looked OK 5 days ago, when we had Husband's family (well, sisters and brother-in-law) over for dinner. It's kindof devolved into chaos since then, with both of us detoxing from caffeine (Read: coming home and crashing) and all. Let me put it this way: I'm glad we've eaten dinner at home every day this week! It's really not too terribly bad… Last Saturday I cleared out a bunch of junk from our bedroom, and so that's looking a LOT nicer (and only one stack of clothes has reappeared on top of the dresser! We have a Problem with horizontal surfaces…) The kitchen is Special, but I'm hoping to have enough energy tonight or tomorrow to deal with everything.

My goals for February:

  1. Have the kitchen counter cleared and wiped and the dishwasher loaded within an hour after dinner.
  2. Have the front room Monkey ready before we leave for work in the morning (or before we go to bed at night) so I don't have to worry about coats, bags, AND keeping Monkey away from my favorite blue glass with stars that I left on the tray table and he dropped and it shattered into eight million pieces and made Mamma cry.

Maybe, once we get those two things down as habit… I can start on another habit, to help partially accomplish my "make our house feel like home" New Year's Resolution.

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I'm a working, crafting, loving, baking, home improving Mamma, trying to make my corner of the world better. I also happen to write a lot about my little boy, because I think he's fantastically hilarious!


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