Herpy Derpy Anesthesia

Well, yesterday was an adventure… I'll start at the very beginning (A very good place to start! Ahem.)

For as long as I can remember/noticed, one of my bottom front teeth hasn't had terribly good gum coverage, and it's been getting worse. Early last year I was told by my dentist that if it didn't get better, I would have to have a gum graft to fix it. I scheduled the appointment for this month, because I currently have double dental insurance coverage (Husband's coverage was better, but we decided to keep mine until this all was done). Specifically, I needed a gingival graft (warning! The links in this paragraph have pictures! Teeth and gums gross me out… if they don't gross you out, then you'll be fine) and it was done with acellular dermal matrix, which means that they used a synthetic covering instead of taking tissue form somewhere else in my mouth. They also did a labial frenectomy to prevent the gum from being pulled away from my tooth again. Since I was getting a lot of work done, my dentist threw in the waking anesthesia, normally $200, for free.

As a little more background, I was getting pretty freaked out by Tuesday night. Last March I developed anxiety surrounding going to the dentist, and I've actually had to have nitrous oxide at my cleanings since then. I was both excited (I wouldn't have to remember it! Woohoo!) and nervous about the anesthesia, and recently remembered a story that might explain it: When I was 9 or 10, I had what looked like an abscess above one of my canines. My mom had an abscess, and she told me about how painful it was, so I was pretty anxious by the time I got to the dentist. I was so anxious that they had to give me enough nitrous oxide to knock me out. I remember the dream I had when I was under… There were cartoon dinosaurs and big balls, and the dinosaurs were running around and kicking the balls into each other, and each time the balls hit something it hurt. Later, my mom said that the entire time I was under I was screaming, and I scared some of the younger kids at the dentist… oops! So, I was worried that something like that would happen with this Halcion stuff. And I was worried that since I was stressed it would be more likely to happen. And then I'd stress about being stressed… Ack! Luckily, Husband talked to me for a while about it and he helped me relax

But it wasn't too bad… An hour before my appointment, I took a pill of Halcion, the brand name for triazolam. I felt a tiny bit tired, heavy-limbed, and tingley… but it wasn't too bad. I was supposed to let it dissolve under my tongue, but nobody told me that. When I got there, they set me up with a blood pressure cuff and heart rate monitor and had me dissolve two more pills under my tongue. I also asked for the nitrous to help me relax some more. I brought my iPod, but when I realized I didn't have any relaxing-type music, I switched to a "brainwave relaxing" program I downloaded on my phone. It was just some oceany noises with kindof a pulse at whatever mHz a sleeping/calm brain does. When I wasn't asleep fast enough, the nurse/dental hygenist/whatever gave me a forth pill to dissolve, and out was out relatively soon after that.

(OK, here's the funny bit that you're probably reading for:)

Herp Derp Llama

My memories are pretty fragmented at this point. I think I remember the dentist coming to inject to Novocaine, but I don't remember if I felt it or not. Next, I remember waking up after and throwing up into… a trash can? There were white things in it. This in itself is somewhat tragic, because I've been so pleased that I haven't thrown up in about 10 years—even through pregnancy! Husband said that he was called back to where I was, and got there soon after I threw up. He said I was… Keening? Whimpering? Anyway, I was making some kind of terribly tragic, pathetic sound like "uuuhh uuuhh uuuhh uuuhh uuuhh uuuhh." He claims that he was trying to comfort me and not to laugh at me, but admits that he didn't do a good job of not laughing at me—the nurse/hygienist/whatever was much better at controlling herself.

I wasn't really awake enough to walk or really move on my own, so they brought a wheelchair so Husband could take me to the car. The wheelchair couldn't really fit in the gap between the wall and the island-thing, and I vaguely remember looking at it hopelessly. (I think the wheelchair was about 3 feet away from where I was sitting.) Husband and the nurse squeezed it through the gap and brought the wheelchair right up to the dental chair, where, according to Husband, I looked at it sadly and said, in a tiny pathetic voice, "It's the Atlantic Ocean…" The last thing I remember at the dentist office was jumping/falling into the wheelchair and (apparently) almost hitting my head really bad…

I woke up in the recliner at home, under a great big quilt. And then I went back to sleep again.

Around 4:30, 5-ish, I was awake again, and Husband and I watched an episode of Psych before he needed to go pick up Monkey from Sarah's house. I was feeling decent during the show, but then once he left and there wasn't anything on the TV, my brain started to shut down… I hopped on over to my favorite site, where I typed such gems as:

I lesasarned because my mom said htat there were two brothers and they were named sep and rate and they lived in a tent. sepArate (on misspelling the word "separate")

i thnknnk If i clecnhed my sawy it would hurt (on clenching my jaw)

then I slet adn got pudding. it made my tummy hurt, though. the yogurt wa better, I think i want a jamba jucie, though. Ecleot i’m relally tired. (on my current status)

Really, it was terribly difficult to only choose three quotes. I just had to include the Ecleot, though…

Today isn't horribly terribly bad. If I'm careful not to move my lower lip, I don't hurt too bad. If I'm sitting still on the recliner, I'm fine, but if I get up I feel dizzy/weak. I was hoping I'd be able to go to work today, but I'm about 5% confident in my driving abilities and about 60% confident in my walking abilities. I'm not sure I even want to take a shower without Husband here to hear a crash. I desperately want another Jamba Juice, but again with the not driving… I will just have to hope that my hydrocodone will work and that pudding won't give me another stomach ache. Oh, and that the kitten won't step on my face. He tried to do that last night, and I disapproved.

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