Long Holiday Weekend=Losing Track of Time

While I'm incredibly pleased that today is Thursday, I kindof need to kick myself in the pants about not posting in a week. In my defense, I had a 5-day weekend, because Sarah was induced on Thursday… So I got to play the SAHM thing Thursday and Friday. It was pretty sweet, partially because I feel more confident in my ability to actually do that when the time comes, but mostly because Monkey took 3-hour naps.

I had one more 4th of July project that I wanted to post about, but since I didn't actually finish and get it up until mid-afternoon on the 4th, I felt kindof silly. Instead, I'll just share a mostly-photo summary of our past week…

(Photo from webmd.com)

Since I had Monkey with me on Thursday, I decided to take him to the doctor to see if we could get something to treat the rashes that popped up a few weeks ago (hydrocortisone wasn't doing a dang thing, unfortunately). I knew exactly what they were, as I had the same thing growing up, but it was still sad to get the official diagnosis of eczema for him. This is one trait of mine that I was really hoping he would be able to avoid…

Luckily, he seems to be adjusting well. He hasn't learned that scratching relieves the itch a little (heaven help me when he does) and he actually likes having the medicine put on him… When I am changing his diaper and getting him ready for bed, he reminds me: "meh-cine? meh-cine?" The stronger cortisone that was prescribed Thursday got rid of the rash in just a few days, so I'm very thankful that it works and we won't have to look for something stronger yet.

Sarah started the induction process at home on Thursday, but unfortunately nothing was really happening for a few days, until her water broke at 2:30 on Sunday morning! She labored at home all day Sunday (she had intended to have a home birth) but was admitted into the hospital for pitocin and an epidural around midnight. Though at first the doctor pushed for a cesarean, she was able to stick to her guns. I came to the hospital around 3am for some more moral support, and was able to help her labor (fetching ice, holding her head, etc.) and was privileged to be there when she had her beautiful baby girl! She's even got a 4th of July birthday, so her web-nickname is Liberty.

(Monkey is a big fan of the baby. But still always moves his head when I'm taking a picture!)

I had a lot of problems surrounding Monkey's birth—not health-wise, but I suspect I had post-partum depression for at least two months, and wasn't finally clear of it until several months after that. Seeing Sarah and her beautiful, chunky baby is helping me realize that it doesn't have to be hard, and as long as I'm paying attention to how I am and get help if I need it, I can have that relationship with my next baby.

And what would this post be without actually showing you that project I was working on for so long! It took me forever to try to figure out how I was going to hang the stars—I've got a spray painted dowel sitting, rejected, in my bathroom. I also wanted to have some sheer curtains up, to block the ugliness of the blinds and diffuse the light coming in from the window… But I can't find any plain, sheer cafe curtains! So I ended up just taping the stars to a tension rod, and called it good. (Unfortunately for you, "calling it good" means I don't even have good pictures—just cell phone ones.)

I got the tin buckets and the flags from the dollar section of Target (heart!) and filled the buckets with white beans to keep the flags in place. The white candle has stars cut out of it, and is actually an LED candle I picked up at Hobby Lobby. For the stars themselves, I bought a pack of colored printer paper from Target, sliced them into 11.5x0.5 inch strips, and followed a video on Youtube (the first one, by love4creativity, was the easiest for me to follow). It was actually really easy, once I got the hang of it, though I did get Husband to help once my fingers started rebelling. I used 5 sheets of each color, had a handful of leftovers and a lot of failed strips. (The stars won't turn out right if the strips aren't even, so I had to toss a bunch. If I was clever, I probably would have pulled my Silhouette out and made it cut the strips!) Then, I just used white thread and a sewing needle to string the stars together. Lovely!

Now I just have to decide when I'm going to take my July 4th decorations down… I worked so hard on them, I want to leave them up forever! I just have to figure out another theme, and then I'll be happy…

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