The Terrible... One-And-A-Halfs?

Oh yes, the child is throwing tantrums. Tantrums and a half, occasionally… His newest trick, which we do not approve of here at the Eclectic household, is hitting Mamma or Daddy when he doesn't get what he wants. (The funny part of this is that when he hits, he says "Oww!" at the same time.) That generally earns an instant time-out, so he usually tries to divert his anger at whatever is nearby, be it slamming his hand on the high chair tray, or the couch, or even his own leg! Sometimes, he says "Oww!" without hitting anything… I'm fairly certain it's his way of communicating displeasure at the current situation, not connecting with the fact that hitting is hurtful and we don't do it…

Usually, time-outs mean that he's picked up and stood in the corner of the front room, and he can't come back until he stops yelling/crying. I've been trying to get him to say "sorry" before he gets to start to play again, but my mom could tell you how well coercing apologies works… His modus operandi seems to be almost done crying, and then run to Mamma for a hug or a head-nuzzle (Monkey is a drive-by cuddler… He'll come over to me, lay his head on my leg for a moment, I'll stroke his hair, and then he's off on his next adventure). At Sarah's house, time-outs mean being put in the playpen with no blanket or lamby and the door wide open until he's done tantruming—it's harder for him to charm his way out of those time-outs early!

One of our bigger battles has happened because we have given Monkey more of a free-range of the upstairs… including the kitchen. Which includes the stove. Which has knobs that look interesting. I'm sure you can see where this is going… We have had to snatch Monkey's hands away from the knobs more than once, and last night, I was holding his hands firmly (because he kept trying to either reach up for the knobs or smacking my arm) and telling him that he can't touch the stove, can't hit Mamma… And the child headbutted and then bit me! Really, Monkey? Husband picked him up and took him down to bed, and I was left to ponder our imminent doom.


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