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(Happy leapy hump day!)

Have you ever had ones of those days… or weeks… or months, where you just can't seem to do anything noteworthy? That's what the past several weeks have been like at Chez Eclectic, mainly because I've had a headache since mid-January (and have been on various medications, to no benefit… discovered I'm allergic to Demerol, which kicks the headache but swells up my airway, but morphine doesn't work for me… got a normal CT scan and a referral to a neurologist in a few weeks) and partially because I've actually been exerting some creative energy at work. I've been using a Canon Digital Rebel to take pictures of computer components, and I. Love. It. I think that will be the next thing I save up for, because I want one of my own so much! At least a fancy camera, anyway, not necessarily a Digital Rebel; I want to do some research first.

Anywho, in addition to be laid up most evenings with a warm compress and the lights off, the projects I have attempted have all failed miserably! I tried some jewelry making—the pink glitter pendant is supposed to be a combination of this and this, but my Dimensional Magic just turned out lumpy and cloudy. So, I tried just doing scrap paper in a pendant thing, and that ended up bubbly and slightly cloudy! I'm working up the courage to try Dimensional Magic again—I googled and googled and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Then, I tried paint chip earrings but I didn't read her tutorial close enough, and ended up with the yuck pictured below.

Well, that's all jewelry-making. What about my sewing? Surely that couldn't be turning out as terribly as my other projects, right?

Yeah, no. First of all, I finally finished Husband's Christmas pajamas in late January, and got one picture of Husband and Monkey matching. They were hack-y pajamas, anyways, because I wasn't comfortable doing the pockets he begged for, and they ended up halfway down his thigh… He can scratch his knee with his hand in his pocket. But then, later that evening, he discovered a giant hole! Secondly, I tried altering a tshirt I bought for Husband last year so that it would fit me, and I totally butchered it… I found a cell phone pic I took of the worst part, isn't it awful?! I made it into a tshirt reusable grocery bag with a boxed bottom… and due to all the destroying I did, the design was crooked. But, the shirt itself was thick, soft fabric, so I'm hoping it'll hold up. Lastly, I patched a bunch of Monkey's pants that had holes in the knees, with fusable interfacing and canvas… and the canvas is peeling off after one wearing. I really don't want to have to sew it on, because I don't think I could get it into my sewing machine, so I haven't decided what to do with it yet… it's just sitting back on my mending pile.

The home improvement/organizing projects are working out, though, right?

I wish. I finally got the hall closet organized, so there wasn't a carpet of random items on the floor, so Husband decided it was the perfect time to take the closet apart and try to install our media stuff in there. That involves tapping into the high voltage and running a wire around an internal corner for power, running some CAT-6 from router in the basement up into the closet, and running a long HDMI cable from the TV, to the attic, and down into the closet. Unfortunately, when he was trying to drill into the basement, he hit what he thought was a gas line (the furnace is right in that area), freaked out, and hasn't touched it since. So my lovely organized closet is ripped apart and full of sawdust. At least he put up a hanging bar in the bathroom that we could put the coats on, after a week of them lying on the front room floor… And now he's got the flu pretty bad, so it's up to me to try to fix everything! It'll be an adventure, but that's life, right?

I think/hope I've made it out of my project-fails… I made a blogging organizer from Infarrantly Creative that I think will help out a lot, and I'll show it to you later this week.

So… What have you been up to?

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