Four Trends I Just Don't Like Right Now

Or, Confessions of a Non-Stylish Crafter

I don't remember if I've mentioned before, but I'm not a very "hip" or "stylish" person. I usually embrace fashion trends as they're on their way out… I only started layering solid-colored shirts in 2007, and last week was the first time I wore my pants tucked into my boots. (I forgot to wear knee socks with my boots, and my calves were started to get uncomfortable, so it was mostly a practicality thing. I don't know if I'll ever do it again.) This has also, evidentially, extended into my crafting style. Just this year I began embracing the chevron, and the color combination of red and turquoise!

Some things, though, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fully embrace… I've tried, and please don't hate me if you think the following things are awesome, but here's a list of things that just kinda make me cringe:





I do like the look of burlap. I have a burlap lampshade that I bought for $2.50 (Woohoo ReStore!) and I like it. I used burlap on my argyle wreath, and I mostly like the look of it. However, I hated working with it. Hated it. It was so itchy, and shed everywhere, and I just shudder whenever I see pillows or chairs covered in burlap. I'll take canvas or linen over burlap any day… Still a great texture, and much less fuss!

Boot socks.

(Source: could find a ton more examples, but I really don't want to use a blogger's or etsy-er's picture for an example of something I don't like. I feel like that's crossing the rudeness line.)

OK, these are kinda cute. In pictures. I think. But I just don't get them, and I probably never will. If it's cold enough to be wearing boots, I'm going to be wearing long pants! And even with a skirt, the boot socks and the hemline would just be competing with each other, and it would look weird. They're like legwarmers or armwarmers to me—I just don't get how they make sense.

Keep Calm and…


I think my problem with this one is that it's way overdone, and most of the time doesn't even make sense. I appreciate the history behind the original poster (Keep Calm and Carry On) but now I just roll my eyes every time I see a derivative. There's an example on the site I linked that is a shopping bag printed with "Keep calm, I've kept the receipt!" …Really?

Artificially distressed furniture.


I know, I know. It's really big. It's really popular. But again, I just don't get it. That scuffed-up dresser is on sale for $1500! I understand if the item itself is an antique, if it's been in your family for years, and you remember where most of those scuff marks came from. I might even be able to get behind distressing as a new paint job if, again, the piece is old, and someone in its past gave it a sloppy paint or stain job—and if you keep the color palate contemporary to the time when the piece was built. But giving something artificial history just feels… artificial.

Some I'm on the fence about. Ombre? Visually appealing, in some situations, but seems like way too much work for me! (Except for the ombre hair trend. I totally rocked that in 10th grade, after I used Sun-In at the end of 9th and before I dyed my hair back to natural in 11th.) Lace shirts? I think it's still somewhat silly, but I own a few, and try to make myself wear them (but when I do wear them, I like it.) Ruffles? I was iffy for a while, thinking that ruffles couldn't be my style, but a few weeks ago I bought some black ruffle fabric to make a skirt out of! I can't say that I've fully embraced it yet, though, because I haven't actually made the skirt… Moustaches? Cute, but I have no outlet for that trend.... Monkey is still too little to appreciate them, and Husband would think it's just silly. I'm working on embracing the strong geometric designs—the chevron printable that I made for Valentine's Day was repinned many times more than any of the others! (Even the anatomical heart one, which I still have as my phone background because I haven't bothered changing it yet.) I did a blog redesign for a friend which leaned heavily on polka dots and argyle (I am loving the argyle right now, let me tell you…). I made some herringbone paint chip art for my front room, though since everyone got sick it hasn't been hung up yet.

And here's what I want from you. Did I lambast your favorite trend? Please tell me why I'm wrong and help me "get it"! Want to place bets on how long it'll take for me to embrace the trends that I currently shudder at, or which one I'll jump onto first? Me too! (I'm thinking either the boot socks or the distressed furniture. I probably have to see them in real life to get them.)

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