Snap Conference Recap! (Part One?)

Snap, in a word, was amazing. I met so many people and made so many connections that I wasn't even planning on, and I'm so happy I had the opportunity! But, since I'm still trying to sort through my pictures, I'll write about the class parts first… You're cool if I basically copy and expand on my notes, right? (Warning: this is going to be an EPIC post.)

Blogging Basics

This was a panel with Amy (Mod Podge Rocks), Cheri (I Am Momma Hear Me Roar), Kari (Ucreate), and Cindy (Skip To My Lou). I was psyched to go to this one, mainly because I love Cheri and her blog, and it was one of the first crafty mommy blogs I found.

Here are the things I felt were important enough to write down—and keep in mind that these notes were for me, so I didn't write anything related to Blogger/Wordpress, or stuff I already knew.

  • Find a niche: Think about your strengths, what you want to think about daily, and write a mission statement.
  • My mission statement: Easy, YOU can do it, miscellaneous…?
  • Consistency: You don't have to post every day, but be consistent in both your frequency and content.
  • Community: Comment, engage your readers (if they're not responding, ask friends to break the ice). Crafterminds and Problogger are good places to find a community. Get feedback from your readers. Community Pinterest board?
  • Brands: Only work with relevant brands. VALUE yourself and your time. Just go for it.
  • When proposing a guest post, propose with a picture!
  • When posting on FB, upload a picture and then put your post link in the caption!
  • Hootsuite can schedule FB and Twitter posts
  • Make your style be YOU
  • Define your own success: personal goals, not comparing to others.

You're So Invited

This was a Friday morning gathering, and I just barely made it but I'm glad I did! Cheryl Najafi has a book out about entertaining, and told us some of the best things she's learned in the process of learning to entertain and writing her book.

  • Don't worry about mistakes—they'll just end up being part of the experience.
  • Think about "what experience will make this special?"
  • Always be yourself
  • Break your content down into sharable chunks
  • Embrace what you do best, and outsource the rest.

Dimension, Pattern and Texture = Style

Don't remember who did this panel, and I forgot to write it down… Oops! I went to this class to learn how to use pattern, because almost everything I have is solid!

  • Do what makes you happy—trust your eye
  • Vary the scale of patterns
  • Pair a floral pattern with a geometric pattern—don't overuse any single pattern
  • Splurge on pillows and fabric! (Not sure if that applies in a house with a toddler boy…) The fabric "double-rub" indicates durability
  • Order a sample if you're ordering online! (,
  • When looking for fake flowers, look for gradations of color in the petals

Media/Feature. How to Get Noticed in a Crowded Field

I was pretty excited for this panel, particularly to hear from Brooke, because I've caught Studio 5 a few times and one of my lofty dreams is to be featured on one of their show! (There, I've put it out there… Universe, make it happen!) I took a lot of notes in this panel, and reading over them they're somewhat disjointed… So hopefully I can organize them somewhat for you!

  • Focus on your site: performance, style, navigation. Tutorial page?
  • Lots of good visuals. Staged photography. Google Sketch-up for plans. Shoot Fly (?) for photography classes.
  • Have goals, and write them down. Focus on your goals. (Mine: be on TV, be in BHG or MS magazine, work with some favorite brands, work with some favorite bloggers)
  • Getting featured/guest posts by other bloggers: original ideas, short & friendly emails, post proposal (I want to do this rather than I want to do something), don't submit the same project everywhere
  • Brooke's 3 Os: Originality (your own style), opinion (have your own opinion about whatever), own it (own your brand and your style)
  • Magazines need bloggers for content. Write a note to the editor and person with the byline, including some links
  • Even small features/media give you credibility, and you can get bigger ones!

OK, this is getting really long, so I think I'll wrap things up here (middle of Friday) and finish the class posts tomorrow

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