Excuses excuses....

I have so many excuses for the last month I don't even know where to start! So, I'm not going to start at all. I have so many things in my head that I want to get out on the blog, and I know I'm going to forget something… So I'm just going to shove everything out there, and hope I get a few decent posts out of it!

Color Me Rad

As a member of the Breathing Space council (and an attendee of Breathing Space) I was given an entree into Color Me Rad in Orem on April 28th. It was the first time I had done a 5K (which I completed in an hour—ha! Walking all the way…) and it was pretty fun! I was a little disappointed by the wet colors—I would have dressed differently if I had known about that—and by the fact that people were throwing their color packets on the ground along the course, but I guess that's what the volunteers were there for. I made a tshirt especially for race day by tracing the Breathing Space logo with blue puff paint, and it was a hit! Of course, it's stained and the paint is peeling… Ah well! I barely had any pictures of my own from the race, so check out the collage below of before and after pics I stole from peoples' Facebook pages.

All told, I'll probably do it again next year, if I can! I'll just dress better for the wet color jets…


I made some awesome necklaces for the planning council for Breathing Space.

Aren't they lovely?? I had so much fun making them that I did a crystal birthstone one for my MIL (forgot to take pictures!) and I've been making a bunch more to have stock at the craft booth this summer.

Breathing Space

Was awesome, and completely deserves its own post, but I'm incredibly lame. And by lame, I mean that I have a ton and a half of pictures that I took, but I lost my memory card! I don't even know how that happened. (Correction: I just found my memory card. Loose in my purse. What the heck, brain??)

This is the house that Sarah and I stayed in, with about a dozen other girls. It was practically a double house—the basement was a MIL-apartment type space with a full kitchen, master suite, two other bedrooms, additional laundry room… You could just make your teenage kids live down there, and then they wouldn't be messing up your kitchen!

This is the "main house," where we had check-in and breakfast, among other things. It was so huge, and the basement was like a wonderland… Theater room, giant storage closet with built-in shelves, a couple bedrooms… Wow! (What is my obsession with basements?)

Anyway, the houses were amazing. Seriously. So many details and built-in awesomeness. I texted Jeff that I wanted to quit my job, move to Daybreak, and spend my days dusting and baking muffins in heels and pearls. The sponsors were so generous (Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and Cafe Rio for dinner? Yes please! Super soft t-shirt from The Dirty Dash, even though I don't think I'm going to run it? Already worn it twice. Vitamin water at almost every meal? I found a few more favorite flavors. New powdered caffeine drink to try? ZipFizz is now one of my non-soda energy sources. A whole box of Thin Mints? Already hidden away so nobody else can find it. I could go on and on—and I think I will, in another post!) and the classes I went to were pretty cool! I learned a ton about family meal planning from The Food Nanny (and you'll hear more about her later, too), I learned some cool things you can do with doTerra essential oils, and completely changed up my makeup colors—I feel so trendy with my copper-ish eyeshadow!

No, there's not really blue on there. That's just the light of the computer monitor reflecting off my rather oily skin, as taken by the front-facing camera on my cell phone… I think I'm planning on doing a separate post on the makeup class and subsequent changes, too!

Other Stuff

Man, I've been doing so much lately, and not finishing any of it! I'm working on a wood growth chart, but I have to figure out how I'm going to go about painting and finishing it. I'm working on a gallery wall type thing for the front room, but I still need a few more frames and to get pictures printed. I'm working on refinishing a small table for the craft booth, but even after priming the thing soaks up spray paint like nothing, so I have to get more. I have three tutorials that I have all the pictures for, but I haven't edited the pictures or written anything. I honestly can't believe it's May 2012… My brain kindof got stuck last summer between the pregnancies and everything, and isn't processing the passage of time properly. Here's a sneak peak into a though train this afternoon: "Man, it's hot…It's going to be a rough summer…Wait, isn't summer almost over? This isn't too bad…No, it's not. What month is it? July?…Idiot, it's only May. Your anniversary is this weekend, remember??"

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